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人 and contracting

365体育网址为365体育网址与土著群体建立的关系感到自豪,并致力于提供业务, 就业 and training opportunities to the people on whose lands we operate.

Opportunities for 土著 groups

By partnering with 土著 businesses and community members, 365体育网址为365体育网址做生意的社区的社会和经济福祉做出贡献. 365体育网址的土著关系业务参与团队与土著团体合作,以确定对项目相关合同机会感兴趣的企业和个人. 他们还努力确保365体育网址的承包商与土著企业进行有意义的接触. In 2020, based on feedback from 土著 groups, 365体育网址对365体育网址的商业参与计划进行了重大改进,旨在帮助本土企业获得成功.

365体育网址接受来自承包商、供应商和供应商的申请,希望与365体育网址合作. For more information on doing business with us, visit our Contractors, suppliers and vendors section.

1982年,365体育网址公司平均每年在土著 bu投资500万美元sinesses.
In 2019, 沿海天然气连接管道累计向本地和当地企业授予了8.25亿美元的合同.
In 2020, 超过7.25亿美元通过分包合同支持土著和美洲土著企业, purchase of materials and services and individuals through 就业.


Honouring the past, celebrating the future

December 2019 marked the opening of Little Rock Lake Lodge, 在不列颠哥伦比亚省的沿海天然气连接项目中,为600名工作人员建造了一个劳动力住宿站点, 加拿大. Located in Nadleh Whut’en territory, the lodge was established through a partnership with the Nation, Horizon North and Falcon Camp Services.

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案例研究: Alexander First Nation

Supporting skills training

As long-term neighbours of our natural gas pipeline system in Alberta, 亚历山大第一民族将重型设备操作员技能培训列为优先事项,以帮助其成员在社区及其周边地区获得高质量的工作.

由365体育网址在Alexander First Nation提供的技能培训,是365体育网址为所在社区产生直接和间接经济效益的方式之一.


We are committed to providing business, 为土著群体提供就业和培训机会,365体育网址在他们的土地上建设和运作365体育网址项目的所有阶段.

365体育网址与土著社区和企业合作,以有原则的方式获取商业机会,建立互惠互利的关系. 365体育网址的总承包商在施工过程中提供了许多机会.

访问365体育网址的 供应商的页面 to sign up as a registered vendor.

365体育网址相信土著就业和培训计划,并与土著群体合作,寻找能够提供长期共同价值的培训机会. We also have a robust 土著 legacy scholarship program, along with other trades and leadership scholarships. Learn more by visiting our scholarships page.

365体育网址公司与社区合作,了解当地的商业能力和优先事项, and matches this to project requirements, depending on the size and type of project (天然气, 石油和液体 or Power and Storage), and its specific needs.

在这个时候, 365体育网址 does not have specific targets for 土著 spend, as each project and 土著 community has unique attributes, needs and capacity. TC专注于推进365体育网址的项目和运营,考虑到土著社区和商业. 365体育网址的本土承包方式将继续发展和改变,他们向365体育网址的项目和业务提供商品和服务的能力也将继续发展和改变.

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