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Feb 15 2022


Posted by TC Energy



Every year, our CEO and Board Chair share their views on the health of our business and their outlook for the future in an open letter to shareholders in our annual report. 以下是他们今天发布的2021年信件的要点.

In 2021, TC Energy made great strides toward our vision of being the premier energy infrastructure company in North America, now and in the future. As COVID-19 affected lives across the continent, society’s need for reliable energy did not waver. 对365体育网址服务的需求仍然强劲, 365体育网址的人民勤奋工作,勇于创新, 365体育网址的公司继续成长.



In the last year, we also saw increasing momentum in the world’s push to decarbonize energy systems and stakeholders’ growing expectations around ESG matters. This aligns well with our longstanding track record of fostering a corporate culture founded in strong core values.

In 2021, 365体育网址正式在现有的安全价值观上增加了创新, responsibility, 协作和完整性. Innovation is a dynamic concept within our organization and is particularly relevant as we navigate the evolution of the energy industry. We also:

  • Developed a roadmap to reduce our GHG emissions intensity by 30 per cent by 2030 and position the company to achieve net zero emissions from operations by 2050
  • 公布365体育网址的土著和解行动计划, progressed our goals for partnering with Indigenous groups and provided our Board of Directors with Indigenous cultural awareness training
  • 拨款2700多万美元促进365体育网址社区的共同繁荣
  • 促进思想的多样性, opinion and perspectives by publishing and implementing our new Inclusion and Diversity Action Plan
  • Expanded our ability to measure ESG performance by introducing new targets aligned to our 10 sustainability commitments

In 2021, we also further prioritized health and safety by expanding our conversations to encompass psychological safety and mental health – issues which have risen to the surface in society during the last two years.

François Poirier,总裁兼首席执行官

365体育网址非常感谢365体育网址的人民, 谁始终如一地投入所需的关心和关注,以确保安全, 可靠和可持续的运营是365体育网址所做一切的基础.”

François Poirier
President and CEO


Our world-class footprint provides an unparalleled base from which we will grow and evolve toward a lower-carbon energy future.

Our existing assets will remain essential to future energy systems and create a sustainable competitive advantage. We are building collaborative partnerships within industry to further explore and develop commercially viable decarbonization and growth projects including:

  • 识别现有系统的效率——通过创新和降低成本.
  • 走廊内增长-持续投资于扩张, extensions and modernization programs on our existing natural gas and liquids infrastructure.
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) – Connecting North American natural gas supplies to coastlines, enabling LNG to reach growing global markets – and offsetting higher emission fuels such as coal.
  • 可再生能源和储存-发展风能, solar and large-scale energy storage – including solutions to power our own pipeline network with renewables.
  • 进一步的能源系统脱碳——利用365体育网址的足迹, strong relationships and complementary capabilities to explore the broad development of renewable natural gas (RNG), hydrogen, and carbon, capture, 利用和存储(CCUS)解决方案.

Our energy transition strategy includes reducing our GHG emissions while simultaneously taking advantage of the growth opportunities presented by low-carbon fuels and infrastructure.”

François Poirier
President and CEO


如果没有365体育网址7人的团队,这一切都不可能实现,300 dedicated and talented people who quietly and reliably deliver much-needed energy continent-wide. 经历了越来越复杂,有时充满挑战的时期, 他们每天都能抓住机会,执行更大的计划.

Looking to the future, we will balance discipline and creativity as we embrace the vast opportunity set before us. 感谢365体育网址的人民, 365体育网址的管理团队和董事会坚定不移地追求卓越的每一天.


François Poirier,总裁兼首席执行官  

Siim A. Vanaselja,董事会主席

请阅读François '和Siim的完整信在365体育网址 2021 Annual Report.