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2月 3 2022




美国.S. 天然气路权管理团队正在进行, interesting maintenance project they are using to help improve safety, 不只是沿着365体育网址的路权, 还有365体育网址生活和工作的社区. 在美国西部地区, 与加拿大部分地区相似, there is an elevated fire risk due to high temperatures and drought-like conditions. 为了证明这种风险对365体育网址的资产是多么真实, in 2020, 一场大火发生在365体育网址公司100英尺内. That property had the potential to spread wildfires to adjacent properties due to too many trees providing a fuel load for the fire. 安全是365体育网址365体育网址的第一核心价值, 实地行动注意到这一风险是一个实际问题, 技术和操作服务(TOS)和环境, 土地, 土著和监管(ELIR)小组.


该团队知道激光雷达过去曾被用于监测泄漏, 确定地质灾害,评估管道等级. They asked themselves if the same technology could be mobilized for fire risk analysis, 特别是在罗萨莉亚压缩站, 预先确定的火灾危险区域, 沿着罗萨利亚的GTN系统, 华盛顿. 激光雷达 builds a 3D model of its surroundings by using millions of laser light pulses to measure distances and build a point cloud. The team first decided to use drones to fly above heavily forested areas to determine the size and number of trees. This enabled the development of a risk mitigation plan in 协作 with local agencies to implement forestry best management practices and reduce fire risks.

Millions of dots notate where the drone would have encountered leaves, trees or other brush

Millions of dots notate where the drone would have encountered leaves, trees or other brush.


通过移除较小的木材, 修剪树枝和修剪大树, 在其他程序, 火灾是可以预防的, 或严重减少, 在高危地区. 尽可能了解手头的火灾风险, the team has recently started using a vehicle-mounted 激光雷达 system so that UTVs can drive down a ROW to create a 3D oversight. 美国TV can cover many miles a day and uses less manpower than a drone, as a drone has a limited line-of-sight due to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

除了防止火灾, 激光雷达数据也允许365体育网址分析因素, such as how much vegetation is encroaching on the ROW and if there are hazard trees, 编制填海工程的详细预算, making this innovative approach a huge value add across the company.

为下一步, the ROW team has already begun clearing and will continue to do so into March ahead of the fire season next summer. 在阿索尔发现了更多的火灾危险区域, 爱达荷州, Sandpoint, 爱达荷州和伊斯特波特, 爱达荷州, 下一个重点领域是什么. In the meantime, the team plans to take this practice to other states across the U.S. 足迹.